How you can revitalize your skin tone this spring

Negligee and pajamas can very easily make it to the… streets! This year unveiled a new kinky trend, and we’re sure that after pajamas on the streets the next big thing will be naked and topless fashion… Did you ever risk to wear a silk dressing gown at any time of the day? Lingerie style is seducing its way from the bedrooms straight to an office open space.

Now it’s an official fashion trend: bed dressing is no longer reserved exclusively for the bedroom. And what we mean are not just pajama shirts by day. We can see the whole array of nightgowns, silk robes, slinky camisoles and pajama-style silk trousers featured. All during the new summer fashion runways… All in all, these tendencies are reinstating that such lingerie style became seducing beyond the boudoirs and beds… The mood of the season is to be as overtly sexy and provocative, as only possible. But how do you handle this in a right way? When it comes to robes, oyster-colored silk looks more luxurious and posh, than white. This was proved by Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, being softer on the complexion. Keep cuffs short still: bracelet length means uber-chic and is far more practical when eating saucy pasta.

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